Versioning Policy

Please reach out to Canopy support for further clarifications and questions


The Canopy API will abide by Semantic Versioning (MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH).

The current MAJOR Canopy API version is 1.

If a version is not specified, the Canopy API will return MAJOR API version 1.


Umbra will support at minimum the two most recent MAJOR versions of the Canopy API.

The Canopy API will be backwards compatible within MAJOR version releases. See the policy below on breaking changes.

Backwards-compatible changes that add new features or modify existing Canopy API behavior will be included in MINOR releases.

Non-breaking, backwards-compatible bug fixes will be included in PATCH releases.

Breaking Changes

Breaking changes will only be included in MAJOR version releases.

Umbra will make all attempts to avoid introducing breaking changes to the Canopy API.

Umbra will notify users via our documentation and standard support channels of upcoming MAJOR Canopy API releases. Umbra will provide a clear deprecation timeline as part of these notifications.


Umbra will maintain documentation on the most recent MAJOR version of the Canopy API.

Umbra will maintain an API Changelog for all MAJOR, MINOR, and PATCH releases for the Canopy API.