Delivered Product Types

When Tasking, users can select the product types they would like to be processed and delivered for that Task via the productTypes parameter.

The available delivered product types and associated file extensions are:

Product TypeFile ExtensionDescription
METADATAjsonHuman readable file describing the SAR collection and image parameters. Metadata JSON Schema
CPHDcphdCompensated Phase History Data. Binary file containing the receive echo data prior to image formation. CPHD Specification
SICDnitfSensor Independent Complex Data. Slant-plane SAR image that preserves the magnitude and phase for derived SAR image products. SICD Specification
SIDDnitfSensor Independent Detected Data. Ground-plane SAR image optimized for viewing and discards SAR image phase information. SIDD Specification
GECtifGeocoded Ellipsoid Corrected to WGS-84. SAR image viewable with common image viewer applications. Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG).
CSI SIDDnitfColor Single Image Sensor Independent Detected Data. Provides clarity and context to spot objects like buildings in a forest or cars moving on a field. Delivered as a SIDD file.
CSI TIFFtifColor Single Image TIFF. Convert a single-look image into 3 sub-aperture images to produce a single, scaled Red-Green-Blue (RGB) output image. Delivered as a TIF.
DI GIFgifSAR Movie. Multiple sub-images make up one Extended Dwell collection. The smaller images are then strung together like a "video," which can provide interpretable data like vehicle heading and speed. Delivered as a GIF.