Canopy gives customers self-service access to Umbra's automated constellation of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellites via web application and API, enabling them to:

  • Request a single collection of new data
  • Instantly calculate tasking feasibility for targets of interest
  • Track the lifecycle of requested tasks and their associated collects in real-time
  • Configure and apply direct data delivery settings on Tasks, enabling Task data to be copied directly to customer's cloud environments
Task Status Page in Canopy

Task Status Page in Canopy

Core Principles

While Canopy will evolve over time, there are several core principles that we view as essential to the success of our customers:

Transparency: Our pricing information is public. Our feasibility results are genuine. We provide complete visibility into the status of your tasks in real-time.

Control: We give you discretion to task our satellites down to the minute without a human in the loop. When you get on the schedule, you stay on the schedule.

Freedom: All of our data is licensed under a creative commons framework that gives you the right to resell, release, or remix it without having to worry about royalties or revenue share agreements.