Deprecation Notice

STAC API is DEPRECATED in favor of STAC API v2. Please see the STAC API v2 Migration Guide for more information.

Use of the STAC API for retrieving information about Collects that is also available in the Collects API is DEPRECATED. This includes lifecycle information such as Collect status and status history. Eventually, the Canopy API will transition to a new STAC API that better conforms to the STAC Specification by only inserting new Items when the associated Assets are available for download.

This notice also means that STAC Item properties other than umbra:status and umbra:status_history may be out of date until the umbra:status property is DELIVERED. Prefer the Collects API for up to date Collect information as Collects move through their lifecycle.

The Canopy endpoints in this section conform to the STAC API specification.

Each STAC Item represents a Collect. The STAC Item will populate with downloadable Assets once it reaches the DELIVERED status.